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Half-hearted horse shopping...

x-posted to equestrian 

Hi everyone.  I checked the tags and couldn't find any answers.
Basically since I lost Cooper a little over a month ago, I have this big gaping hole in my life.  I really miss having a horse...it actually hurts.  I miss riding and feeding and grooming (even mucking).  I don't even take lessons anymore.  I just don't like taking lessons away from "my barn" (where I kept Cooper - not really my barn).  Granted, I only had two lessons away from "my barn"....but still, I didn't like it.  I miss having a friend to ride with!  I feel like I need another horse!  

I've kind of been looking at horses on dreamhorse.com the last few days and I ran across one that I really liked the sound of.  I called on him yesterday and the lady invited me out for a trail ride today.  I would have also ridden him in the arena but it's flooded because of all the rain we've had.  But I plan on trying him again when everything dries up.
Anyway, I really liked him.  He was very sweet and has beautiful gaits.  No vices.  He's a dressage horse schooled up to 1st level and he was working towards 2nd level.  He was the daughter's horse and she's into barrel racing now so she bought a new horse and he was leased to someone.  The owner really wants to sell him now and not lease him.
She told me that he has some arthritis in his left hock.  She says he has never been lame a day in his life (he's 10) but he was an OTTB.  I know that a lot of them get arthritis.  She said that he will get stiff in the winter but he works out of it.  She gives him a joint supplement but that's it.  She also told me that it's hard to keep weight on him.  He was a little ribby but not terrible.  I should have taken pictures for you guys.  Are these things a deal breaker?  I would have my vet check him and my trainer look at him of course, but are these types of issues really bad?  Is it possible to find a horse without any issues at all?  Am I just rushing into things because I miss being a horse mom soooo much??
This lady seems pretty reputable and works with some really well known trainers in the area.  The barn was clean and all of the horses looked well taken care of.  I even got to meet some of the boarders and the farrier and they all seemed very complimentary.
One last question, when purchasing a horse is it okay to barter the price or is that considered rude?
I really don't want to be impulsive but I'm going horse(less) crazy!

Edited to add:
Thanks for all of the great advice!  I've decided I'm definitely going to take it very slow and not jump on the first horse that I like. 
I also should have been more specific about what I want to do with my future horse.  I just want to continue my dressage lessons, trail riding, just pleasure type stuff.  Maybe some lite showing in the future.