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May. 19th, 2010

I just got back from Jamaica a few days ago.  It was okay.  If you're interested you can see my full review of Jamaica here in my other journal.  I did go on the horseback riding excursion which was pretty awesome.  As soon as I get the pictures from my step-mother, I'll do a long entry on the horseback ride and swim!

In other news...
About a month ago the barn owner told me that the horse I took a lessons on, Polo would be available for shareboard/lease.  Polo is a great horse and I did really well on him in my lesson.  I still had Cooper and I didn't want to start a lease because I wanted to spend as much time with Coops as I could.  After my next lesson I talked to Owner again and explained to her that I would be going to Jamaica in the beginning of May for a week but I would love to start leasing Polo as soon as I got back. 
IShe ended up leasing him to someone else and now I can't take lessons on him either...

I'm probably better off since Owner seems like a total flake.
In the meantime, I called a barn closer to me called Gateway Riding Center and set up a lesson for myself this weekend.  It seems like a really nice barn and they focus on dressage.  There may be options to lease/shareboard there in the future.  If I need to...
So if anyone has any ideas or resources on finding a horse to lease I would really appreciate it!