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So I never went to Gateway and had a lesson.
IDK, all this horse stuff is confusing and is wearing me out.  I thought I would try riding somewhere else because I was so unhappy about Cooper but I'm kind of miserable still.  I miss the old barn and I miss my friend (barn owner) and her family.  I should have just leased Bubba (her horse) and been done with it.  I realized that I spend too much time doing what other people want and not enough time doing what I want.
As usual, life got in the way and I kind of stopped riding altogether.  I'm really missing it now.  I've only ridden like twice in the last month.  Incidentally, both of those rides were on horses that I was looking at to buy. 

This guy:
Thunder - he's the first horse, the big Percheron


This guy:
Prince aka "Little Bit"

Thunder was nice but a little pricey at $6,000.  He was soooooo big!!  Prince was nice too but had some issues.  He was really skinny and the seller said he is a hard keeper....I don't need that!

Maybe I just don't want to buy right now.