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With a dressage test that created an eruption of cheers from the audience, Becky Holder and Courageous Comet move into the individual third place on day two of the World Equestrian Games....


I want to be there so bad!!  Hopefully I'll make it to Rolex next year!



I know I've been absent but now that I'm pregnant, I'm grounded from riding for nine looooooong months :(

Anyway, I just wanted to squee a little!  I wish I was going:

USEF Names Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation has named the following horse/rider combinations as the team and individuals to the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games which will take place from September 25-October 10, 2010 in Lexington, KY.

The following horse/rider combinations have been named to the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team (in alphabetical order):


  • Buck Davidson/34/Riegelsville, PA/BallyNoe Castle RM/10/Irish Thoroughbred/G/Carl and Cassandra Segal
  • Phillip Dutton/47/West Grove, PA/Woodburn/14/NZ Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones, Mardie Faucette and Acorn Hill Farm
  • Boyd Martin/31/West Grove, PA/Neville Bardos/11/Australian Thoroughbred/G/Windurra USA, LLC
  • Kim Severson/37/Scottsville, VA/Tipperary Liadhnan/13/Irish Sport Horse/G/Friends of Kim Severson Syndicate

The following horse/rider combinations have been named to represent the United States as Individuals and may be used as substitutes for the team (in alphabetical order):


  • Becky Holder/41/Palmetto, GA/Courageous Comet/14/Thoroughbred/G/Tom & Becky Holder
  • Karen O'Connor/52/The Plains, VA/Mandiba/11/Thoroughbred/G/Joan Goswell

The following horse/rider combinations have been named as substitutes (in alphabetical order):


  • Phillip Dutton/47/West Grove, PA/TruLuck/13/Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones and Rebecca Broussard
  • Boyd Martin/31/West Grove, PA/Remington XXV/14/Hanoverian/G/Henley House Stables
  • Allison Springer/35/Marshall, VA/Arthur/11/Irish Sport Horse/G/Allison, Carolyn, & William Springer
  • Amy Tryon/40/Duvall, WA/Leyland/10/Thoroughbred/G/Elisabeth Nicholson

I love Becky Holder!  We sat with her mom and dad at the Rolex and they were the NICEST people.  Does anyone know if any of the WEG is going to be streamed online?


Free Horse and Helmet Review

I have a possible free horse opportunity...sort of.  I have a friend who has a client that has a 41 acre landscaping business.  They have a barn and a daughter who's not interested in her horse anymore.  She's wants me to come out and ride the horse.  She feels bad because he doesn't get ridden enough.  He goes english and western.  The daughter is in Spain right now and she'll be back on Thursday.  They want me to come over on Friday to meet everyone and talk.  We'll see how it goes.

I have a product review.  When I was at the Rolex, I bought a new helmet.  Why?  I don't know because its not like I had a horse to ride but it was a really good deal.
I bought the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet.  Like I said, I bought it at a great price ($30.00) but it retails for $49.95, which is not bad either!

I like it because its very light weight and low-profile.  You don't feel like you have a watermelon on your head!  It has an adjustable fit dial on the back to make sure that it sits snug on every head.  It also has a break-away bill on the front and vents for plenty of air flow.
I've only used it two times but I really like it!  Two thumbs up   :)


So I never went to Gateway and had a lesson.
IDK, all this horse stuff is confusing and is wearing me out.  I thought I would try riding somewhere else because I was so unhappy about Cooper but I'm kind of miserable still.  I miss the old barn and I miss my friend (barn owner) and her family.  I should have just leased Bubba (her horse) and been done with it.  I realized that I spend too much time doing what other people want and not enough time doing what I want.
As usual, life got in the way and I kind of stopped riding altogether.  I'm really missing it now.  I've only ridden like twice in the last month.  Incidentally, both of those rides were on horses that I was looking at to buy. 

This guy:
Thunder - he's the first horse, the big Percheron


This guy:
Prince aka "Little Bit"

Thunder was nice but a little pricey at $6,000.  He was soooooo big!!  Prince was nice too but had some issues.  He was really skinny and the seller said he is a hard keeper....I don't need that!

Maybe I just don't want to buy right now.


Half-hearted horse shopping...

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Hi everyone.  I checked the tags and couldn't find any answers.
Basically since I lost Cooper a little over a month ago, I have this big gaping hole in my life.  I really miss having a horse...it actually hurts.  I miss riding and feeding and grooming (even mucking).  I don't even take lessons anymore.  I just don't like taking lessons away from "my barn" (where I kept Cooper - not really my barn).  Granted, I only had two lessons away from "my barn"....but still, I didn't like it.  I miss having a friend to ride with!  I feel like I need another horse!  

I've kind of been looking at horses on dreamhorse.com the last few days and I ran across one that I really liked the sound of.  I called on him yesterday and the lady invited me out for a trail ride today.  I would have also ridden him in the arena but it's flooded because of all the rain we've had.  But I plan on trying him again when everything dries up.
Anyway, I really liked him.  He was very sweet and has beautiful gaits.  No vices.  He's a dressage horse schooled up to 1st level and he was working towards 2nd level.  He was the daughter's horse and she's into barrel racing now so she bought a new horse and he was leased to someone.  The owner really wants to sell him now and not lease him.
She told me that he has some arthritis in his left hock.  She says he has never been lame a day in his life (he's 10) but he was an OTTB.  I know that a lot of them get arthritis.  She said that he will get stiff in the winter but he works out of it.  She gives him a joint supplement but that's it.  She also told me that it's hard to keep weight on him.  He was a little ribby but not terrible.  I should have taken pictures for you guys.  Are these things a deal breaker?  I would have my vet check him and my trainer look at him of course, but are these types of issues really bad?  Is it possible to find a horse without any issues at all?  Am I just rushing into things because I miss being a horse mom soooo much??
This lady seems pretty reputable and works with some really well known trainers in the area.  The barn was clean and all of the horses looked well taken care of.  I even got to meet some of the boarders and the farrier and they all seemed very complimentary.
One last question, when purchasing a horse is it okay to barter the price or is that considered rude?
I really don't want to be impulsive but I'm going horse(less) crazy!

Edited to add:
Thanks for all of the great advice!  I've decided I'm definitely going to take it very slow and not jump on the first horse that I like. 
I also should have been more specific about what I want to do with my future horse.  I just want to continue my dressage lessons, trail riding, just pleasure type stuff.  Maybe some lite showing in the future.

May. 19th, 2010

I just got back from Jamaica a few days ago.  It was okay.  If you're interested you can see my full review of Jamaica here in my other journal.  I did go on the horseback riding excursion which was pretty awesome.  As soon as I get the pictures from my step-mother, I'll do a long entry on the horseback ride and swim!

In other news...
About a month ago the barn owner told me that the horse I took a lessons on, Polo would be available for shareboard/lease.  Polo is a great horse and I did really well on him in my lesson.  I still had Cooper and I didn't want to start a lease because I wanted to spend as much time with Coops as I could.  After my next lesson I talked to Owner again and explained to her that I would be going to Jamaica in the beginning of May for a week but I would love to start leasing Polo as soon as I got back. 
IShe ended up leasing him to someone else and now I can't take lessons on him either...

I'm probably better off since Owner seems like a total flake.
In the meantime, I called a barn closer to me called Gateway Riding Center and set up a lesson for myself this weekend.  It seems like a really nice barn and they focus on dressage.  There may be options to lease/shareboard there in the future.  If I need to...
So if anyone has any ideas or resources on finding a horse to lease I would really appreciate it!

OMG! <3 <3

The world's smallest horse was born just days ago in the United States and he is gaining plenty of attention.

At just 6 pounds and 14 inches tall, "Einstein" is a half pinto stallion who was born April 22, 2010 in Barnstead, New Hampshire.

Breeder Judy Smith of Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm says, "I have been at this for 20 years plus but I have never seen one this tiny or even close to it."


A Week Later

I went to the Rolex and had a great time. I looked at an OTTB rescue at the Kentucky Horsr Park. I'm going to do some volunteer work for them. I'm actually hoping to eventually adopt my next horse from them but I'm in no hurry.
It's been a week since Cooper and I haven't been back to the barn. I'm kind of not ready yet.
Rolex was fun but it was hard to be there too. I kept seeing things that I wanted to buy for Coops and then I'd remember...oh yeah, he's gone :(
I told the guy at the shampoo booth that I'd used his shampoo for Coopers last bath. I told him how nice he'd looked and how much he seemed to enjoy it. I almost had us both in tears!
Here's my last little piece of Cooper:

I think I'll have windy_withers turn it into a bracelet.

I promise I'll post some pictures from the Rolex soon! It really was a lot of fun!

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Last Bath :(

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Things have progressed much faster than anyone anticipated.  The cancer is pretty aggressive and covers almost his whole eye now.  It looks horrible and sore and weeps constantly (sorry if that's TMI).  He's also become very sensitive to the soft spot above his eye, leading the vet to believe that things might be spreading.
I had a long discussion with my vet and we decided that there is really nothing else that can be done.  On Monday I'll have to say goodbye to my first horse, and my best friend.  I couldn't really go near him for a couple of days.  I just wanted to avoid the whole situation.  But then I realized that it's not all going to disappear and I need some more good memories with him before he's gone.  He doesn't know anything is wrong...I'm the one that's hurting right now.  It's actually been really hard for me.

Yesterday I gave him a bath and I cried the whole time.  It almost looked like he was enjoying every drop of water as if he knew it would be his last bath.  He kept sighing heavily and and reaching for the hose.  After his bath I hand grazed him while he dried off.  He was so soft and smelled of the lemonade shampoo I bought for him at the Rolex last year.  It was a gorgeous day; sunny and warm - the wrong kind of day for the emotions I was feeling - but the perfect day for a bath.  I'm just absolutely gutted and my heart is broken. 
I took some pictures and I think I got a picture of what heaven will look like for Cooper:

Eating grass in the sun with his eyes closed.  It doesn't get much better than that.  I'll miss you so much Coops.